Breakfast For Champs




Breakfast for champs or breakfast for alcoholics?? (on my defense, this was my 3pm breakfast)



The Wake-Up Call

Everybody needs a wake-up call once in a while. Here is mine.

The Wake-up Call

– Pancetta over over-easy

– Bite size pancakes

– Honey/Syrup

– Banana

– Eating utencils

cantaloupe blueberry pops



p.s. not advising anyone to make this because there is a cantaloupe recall. 22 people have gotten sick in 7 states.






Broiled Salmon with black pepper miso glaze


Salmon was on sale at Wholefoods for $8.99 a lb! I guess it’s a sign I should eat more fish like my dad said.


Tips on how to pick salmon
-if possible pick wild-caught Alaskan salmon
-should be deep pink in color
-salmon is a fish but it should not smell like typical fish. It should smells kind of sweet..
-bouncy to the touch